Check out our recommended schedule for veterinary visits, vaccinations and procedures to keep your pet’s health on track.

Weight check, Nutritional Counseling
Intestinal Parasite Screening and Treatment
DHPP-#1 Vaccination
Begin Heartworm Prevention

10-12 WEEKS
Weight check, adjust heartworm prevention dose as needed
Bordetella-#1 Vaccination
DHPP-#2 Vaccination
Leptospirosis-#1 Vaccination
Flea Control as needed

14-16 WEEKS
Weight Check (adjust heartworm prevention dose as needed)
Bordetella-#2 Vaccination
DHPP-#3 Vaccination (if performed at <14 weeks, a 4th will be needed)
Leptospirosis-#2 Vaccination
1-Year Rabies Vaccination
6-Month Supply of Heartworm and Flea Control

Weight Check
CBC/Mini Chemistry Profile
Spay or Neuter
Home Again Microchip Placement
Dental Exam

Annual Physical Exam and Dental Exam
Rabies Vaccination, Repeat every 3 Years
DHPP Vaccination, Repeat every 3 Years
Leptosporsis, Repeat every Year
Bordetella , Repeat every 6-12 Months
Intestinal Parasite Screening and Heartworm Screening
Refill Heartworm and Flea Control as Needed

Annual wellness protection for your adult dog!

Rabies Vaccination ( 1yr or 3yr vaccine)
DHLPP Vaccination (DHPP + Leptospirosis) (1yr vaccine)
Bordetella (needed every 6 months)
Canine Influenza (1yr vaccine)
Heartworm Test
Intestinal Parasite Screening
Dental Exam and Cleaning as Needed
Refill Heartworm and Flea Control

To prevent oral disease, the number one health problem diagnosed in pets, it is essential to provide our pets with good dental care. Periodontal Disease affects over 80% of dogs over the age of 3 years. It is not only a cause of bad breath but the source of bacteria causing infections in your dog’s upper respiratory system, kidneys and heart valves. Regular check-ups, cleanings and home care can protect your dog’s oral health.